Application For TGWH Foundation Scholarships

General Information
Current program of Study (1 pt)
Previous Education (not including basic education program): (maximum of 3 pts - list up to 3)
Certificates (list up to 3): (maximum of 3pts)
Additional Continuing Education Attended (list up to 3): (maximum of 3 pts)
Previous UHN Scholarship Information
Personal Summary
Committee and Council Work at/or related to UHN: (maximum of 5 pts)
Publications/Presentations within the past 5 years: (maximum of 10 pts)
Professional Associations: (maximum of 5 pts)
Other Scholarships, Awards & Honors within the past 5 years
Personal Acknowledgements
* I will write an acknowledgement card to the donor once I am notified that I am the successful applicant.

* I commit to 12 months of full time service or equivalent to UHN: